About Us

Furse Sanders & Co has been established since 1902 and is based in the market town of South Molton, North Devon.

Our approach to the law and to the way we run our business, is to provide an efficient and friendly service combined with a high level of expertise.

The legal landscape is changing dramatically with an increasing level of government legislation on issues previously left untouched. To provide the best service to you, our clients, we must not only keep up with the latest developments, but stay ahead of them. We are, and intend to remain, one of the most advanced and innovative law firms in Devon.

We pride ourselves on being a law practice that is rooted in a rural area with an emphasis on agriculture. That said, we also deal with a number of specialist areas of law which are less common than those provided by big corporate city firms or ‘run of the mill’ branch organisations. As a consequence we have many clients from other parts of the UK who come to us for those services.


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