Administration of Estates

There can be nothing more stressful and traumatic than losing someone close to you. When overwhelmed with grief, dealing with an Estate can add enormously to the sense of loss, particularly if the Deceased's financial affairs were complicated. We offer a sympathetic and caring service dealing with all aspects of the administration of estates.

We can alleviate the burden by acting on your behalf in obtaining the Grant of Representation, finalising the deceased's tax affairs including Inheritance Tax, Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax, realising the assets, settling the liabilities and distributing the estate according to the terms of the Will or, if there is no Will, according to the intestacy rules. Where appropriate we can also help you make tax savings, for example by varying the Will, which could save many thousands of pounds.

If the estate includes a farm or business which needs to be sold or wound up we can work closely with our agricultural and commercial law Teams to ensure that the transaction proceeds smoothly.

In the upsetting situation where a loved one has passed away without making financial provision for dependants in the Will or where the intestacy rules fail to make adequate provision (as for example with a co-habitee), we can advise whether there is a potential claim against the Estate.